About Us

Company Profile

Solid Modeling Solutions provides advanced NURBS-based geometry libraries called SMLib, TSNLib, and NLib, and the subdivision surface library, SDLib. They encompass extensive definition and manipulation of NURBS curves and surfaces with the latest fully functional non-manifold topology. SMS is committed to regular enhancements through an established release schedule.

Company Background

Our company was formed in early 1998, founded with a commitment to deliver quality products and services with a strong commitment to responsiveness and partnership with our customers. Alliances were developed with GeomWare and IntegrityWare and the non-manifold topology features led to the initial SMLib product in mid-98. A new alliance was established in 1999 with HarmonyWare driven by close collaboration with our customers. This led to IGES, STEP, and VDAFS data translator products in 1999. In late 2001, NLib was purchased from GeomWare, but a close strategic relationship with GeomWare has been maintained for future development and technical support. Enhancements and major new features are added twice-yearly. SMS is convinced that a small team of talented and motivated experts create better and more efficient products than large corporate projects.

Company Philosophy

SMS is committed to providing software libraries to our customers in order to enhance and enable their understanding of the underlying technology, provide opportunities for collaboration, improve time to repair, and protect their investment. Web-based delivery of product delivery, maintenance, and communication has enabled SMS to be extremely responsive, among the best in the industry. SMS has no underlying debt, no hidden partners, and is totally employee owned. We are independent of any proprietary influences and totally committed to an open and responsive relationship with our customer base. SMS has established a very unique model of technical organization and an adaptive approach. Our pricing philosophy provides a stable base of technical expertise, and it is very cost-effective for our customers when viewed from perspective of total cost of ownership of complex software. A license for SMLib represents a fraction of what it would cost to develop and maintain the same capability in-house.