Is training available for the libraries?

There is training available on the customers premises at a very reasonable cost. We are interested in getting our customers trained and their applications developed to meet their business needs. Our libraries are well documented, [...]

How do you support the libraries?

The first level of support is telephone and email. Most customers choose to initiate an interaction via email since our customers are global and in virtually every timezone in the world. Customers usually can document [...]

How do you price your libraries?

All of our libraries are available as a fully paid up license or by periodic payments. Most customers use a monthly form of payment, but many choose to pay quarterly, twice yearly, or annually. After [...]

What are NURBS, and why are they important?

NURBS are a polynomial representation of data based on non-uniform, rational, B-spline technology. See the white papers on "NURBS at Boeing" and "NURBS at SDRC" for more details on how the technology originated.

What is the main use of the SMS geometry kernels?

The SMS geometry kernels, NLib, TSNLib, and SMLib are used by application developers when they need precise geometries representations of their data. The SMS library provides an increasing level of capability starting with an extensive [...]

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