Application developers want to develop industrial strength applications. They need and expect high levels of support to do their job effectively and efficiently. Since our customers are developing serious applications and have made a substantial commitment to SMLib, every customer receives extraordinary, dedicated support. SMS does not have “lighthouse” accounts where some customers are more important than others. Every customer receives the attention they deserve. The SMLib business model allows us to look at bugs together and often fix them within a week or less.

SMS prides itself on both its technical knowledge as well as responsiveness to our customers. At the core of the SMS development team are the original creators and leading experts of NURBS technology. Members of the SMS team are former application developers. This experience is valuable in helping SMS support application developers. We also believe that application development teams are extensions to the SMLib team while we are extensions to the application development team. That sense of team work has led to a world class product with industrial-strength quality, first-rate support, and the most cost-effective solution for our customers.

Our customers have considered the “Total Cost” of a geometry solution, a function of license fees as well as costs associated with productivity. Quality code and responsive support reduce costs associated with development time, software maintenance, ease of use, reliability and relative performance of the software, and turn around time for bug fixes. In the final analysis, those are the key ingredients that differentiate us from our competition.

Customer Comments

“…the support is nothing less than phenomenal.”

“In my opinion, the quality of the code is excellent – world class…”

With respect to SMLib selection as one of the “Top 10 Software for 1998” by IEEE Computer & Graphics Applications, one of our customers said: “Congratulations! It’s certainly one of my personal top 10.”

From a major software developer regarding geometry kernel independence: “The destiny of software developers that stick with ACIS or Parasolid will be inextricably linked to Dassault or Unigraphics. Any competitor posing risk to either company could put itself in jeopardy of delays in receiving updates, bug fixes, and contract renewals.”