Of course we think we’re great… What do our clients say?

Solid Modeling Solutions, Inc has been selected for the 2020 Best of Bellevue Awards in the category of Computer Software.

“With our new backend geometry built on top of TSNLib, we were able to reduce manufacturing error by two orders of magnitude and offer a number of new advanced CAD features to our users.”

“We have reviewed [a competitor’s product] and have misgivings about using it. The advantages of a professional offering as in SMLib are now clearly evident and we are now moving to the point where we would like to prototype our next generation application based on SMLib.”

“Thank you for the kind and quick help. Oh, and I have to tell you, your documentation’s quality is brilliant, it cannot be compared to [a competitor’s product] at all!”

“I would like to thank you on behalf of our whole team for all the valuable help that you have given us this year.”

With respect to SMLib selection as one of the “Top 10 Software for 1998” by IEEE Computer & Graphics Applications, one of our customers said: “Congratulations!”

“It’s certainly one of my personal top 10.”

“In my opinion, the quality of the code is excellent – world class…”

“…the support is nothing less than phenomenal. ”

And from a major software developer regarding geometry kernel independence: “The destiny of software developers that stick with ACIS or Parasolid will be inextricably linked to Dassault or Unigraphics. Any competitor posing risk to either company could put itself in jeopardy of delays in receiving updates, bug fixes, and contract renewals.”

– If you would like more information about SMLib, please contact us at support@smlib.com